• Processor: Intel® Pentium™ J4205 Processor, 2.0GHz (2M Cache)
  • Memory: 4GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive: 500 HD
  • Optical Drive: No
  • Graphics Card: Shared
  • Display: N/A
  • Operating System: 21.5"  FHD non touch


The stunningly beautiful Vivo AiO V221 all-in-one PC is the slimmest-ever Vivo AiO, with a truly extraordinary audio system. Featuring advanced audio technology that includes transmission-line speakers and smart amplifiers, Vivo AiO V221 immerses you in amazingly powerful, high-quality sound for the ultimate multimedia experience.

Seemless, Effortless - Vivo AiO V221's simple yet elegant integrated stand is sculpted from a single piece of aluminum. It's designed for completed stability and a graceful appearance, with a shape based on the Chinese character, for 'human'. The perfectly balanced hinged keeps Vivo AiO V221's screen firmly in place while allowing you to tilt it effortlessly to the most comfortable angle.

Vibrant and Vivid - Vivo AiO V221 has a backlit 21.5-inch LED widescreen display that makes everything more vibrant and vivid. Exclusive ASUS Splendid technology ensures true-to-life colors whether it's an image of a sunset. a clear blue sky, or subtle skin tones. The Full HD  (1920x1080) resolution produces incredible detail for games and movies, while ASUS Tru2Life Video technology optimizes sharpness and contrast for every pixel in every frame for clearer, more realistic videos.

Blitz Through Everyday Tasks with the Latest Intel® Processors  - Powered by the latest energy-efficient Intel® Core processors, Vivo AiO V221 is up to 12% faster than previous generations. So whatever task is at hand, you'll finish it quicker! Vivo AiO V221 is the perfect choice for all your everyday computing needs, whether you want to surf the Web, watch videos, or just catch up with your email.

Faster, Smoother Graphics - Vivo AiO V221 features discrete graphics for performance that's up to 40% faster than integrated graphics, so you can create HD videos in less time, save time editing photos, and enjoy super-smooth video streaming.

Truly Extraordinary Sound - For amazingly immersive multimedia experiences, we've added some truly extraordinary technology into Vivo AiO V221's audio system. Powerful front stereo speakers use an advanced transmission-line design - rarely seen outside audio laboratories - to deliver pure, undistorted bass via long and complex computer-designed acoustic chambers that are 2.5x larger than standard chambers. Each speaker is driven by a smart amplifier that intelligent monitors and controls voice-coil movement. This allows the speakers to be driven harder - in fact, 3x louder than they would be with a normal amplifier - without any risk of audio distortion or physical damage. The result is a smooth, powerful bass and clear, full-range sound that has to be heard to be believed.

High-Fidelity Sound, Expertly Optimized - Exclusive ASUS SonicMaster Premium technology gives Vivo AiO V221 better than ever audio quality. SonicMaster Premium makes the most of the powerful integrated audio hardware, using fine-tuned software to deliver sound that's unlike anything you've ever heard from an all in one PC, with deep, rich bass and crystal clear vocals even at high volume levels.

Easy Audio Optimization - The exclusive ASUS AudioWizard offers five selectable modes that make it easy to customize audio settings. Music mode brings favorite songs to life; Movies mode provides a true cinematic experience; Recording mode produces dynamic, crystal clear recordings; Gaming mode adds a new dimension of enjoyment to favorite games, and Speech mode makes voices clear and robust.

Capture Your True Voice - Vivo AiO V221 uses advanced array microphones to cleverly filter out all distracting background noise. The extended recording frequency range greatly improves the accuracy of voice recognition when using Windows Cortana with Voice - even in noisy environments. Cortana is your clever new personal assistant that can search the Web, find things on your PC, keep track of your calendar, or even tell you jokes.