• Processor: Intel® Core i7 8750H +HM370
  • Memory: 8GB DDR4
  • Hard Drive: 1TB+ 128SSD
  • Optical Drive: None
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia 4GB GTX1050Ti
  • Display: 15.6" FHD IPS
  • Operating System: Windows 10


Latest Architecture DDR4-2400 Memory Support - Get the best possible performance out of your notebook with support of the advanced DRR4-2400 memory, achieving over 32GB/s in reading speed and 36GB/s in writing. With over 40% faster performance than the previous generation DDR-1600, DDR4-2400 is the new laptop standard to take you extreme gaming experience to the next level.

Dynamic Temperature / Performance Balancing - The exclusive MSI "SHIFT" technology pushes the system to the extreme while minimizing noise and temperature. Switch between different profiles either push your system to the extreme or in the pursuit of longer battery life. Easily activate it by pressing the FN + F7 hotkey combo, or via the Dragon Center.

One Port for Ultra Data Transfer, 4K Pixels, and 5V/3A Device Charging - MSI is the first in the world to adopt the Thunderbolt 3 interface on its gaming notebook. The latest and fastest interface Thunderbolt 3 supports up to 40Gbps data transfer rates and 4K displays with daisy chain capabilities. Its USB 3-1 ultra speed interface supports up to 5V and 3A current output for charging.