• Connectivity: Wired
  • max DPI: 8200 DPI
  • Amount of buttons: 10
  • port: USB


High precision laser sensor- Avago ADNS 9800 sensor is one of the best sensors for gaming mice. It allows to adjust the resolution from 50 to 16400 DPI with 50 DPI increments so the user is allowed to customize the level perfectly to his needs and to the game resolution.

Stable operation even on high speed - The sensor provides high speed ( up to 3.8 ms) or any surface. It takes 12 000 shots of the surface per sound (12 000 FPS), which allows to move the mouse with acceleration up to 30 G (294 m/s2).

Cursor speed control - Cursor speed can be adjusted on any mouse keys. 5 DPI levels are supported and each level can be customized accurately to your needs.

DPI level indication - Special 5 step indicator allows to identify active DPI level fleetingly 

Separate DPI adjustment on X and Y axes - Different cursor speed can be adjusted for right-left and up-down movements